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Laguiole: authentic or counterfeited ?

From french hand-crafted excellence to imported industry

…There are real and fake Laguiole !

Real or fake Laguioles ? Wrong debate: “Laguiole” isn’t a knife brand, but the designation of a knife shape created in 1829 in the small town of Laguiole (1.200 inhabitants). In this way, a Laguiole knife can be made in France or at the other side of the world and can legally bear the name which is only due to its shape, not its origin.

In 1998, Riom Court of Appeals judged that “Laguiole” was a “generic term” (decision 411/98, July 1, 1998). Neither “Laguiole” designation, nor the presence of the bee on your knife can guarantee the knife authenticity and quality.

Laguiole name associated with words like “authentic” or “traditional” aren’t neither a quality guarantee nor a product made in France.

Laguiole knives made in France aren’t all made in Laguiole. Being a small town of 1.200 inhabitants, it’s utopian to think that every knives could be made there. Right from the beginning, Laguiole was made in Thiers, the French cutlery capital, famous in the entire world for its cutlery industry. This town hired more than 1.200 people in this field in 2009. The major part of French Laguiole knife manufacture is actually produced in Thiers surroundings (Puy de Dôme).

The value and the quality of your knife firstly come from the know-how of the employees who made it and the materials quality and nobility chosen for its production.
ARBALETE GENES DAVID makes a piece of art and each knife, entirely hand-crafted is a unique item. It takes years to train a cutlery maker, to pass him the gesture acquired by generations of cutlery manufacturers. None industrial production can imitate this knowledge.