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Laguiole Arbalète Genès David factory

We could point out our know-how, talk about the three generations of cutlery makers which succeeded one another under the symbol of l’Arbalète, examine in considerable details, the numerous operations which precede the birth of a knife.
We’d be particularly well placed to tell you all of them, from the manufacturing of the blade up to the final assembly, are all made in our own workshops.
We could talk about work…but we’d rather prefer to talk about pleasure. Of your pleasure and then our. The pleasure of caressing first with the eyes, then with the hands noble and authentic materials.
The true value of an object is beyond the perfect answer of its function, issued from it a great pleasure taken to made it. See a carefully chosen horn, cut, shaped, assembled then polished: becoming a knife’s handle, she is going to tell you a story, a pleasure story. We could even say a love story…

Laguiole knife assembly

Excellence since 1810
In 1922, Genès David gave birth to a society which borne his name. The appearance of Arbalète’s name go back to the 19th century: it was the name of the ancestors of M. Genès David. At this time, the factory mainly made regional folding knives like the Aurillac, the Yssingeaux, the Langres, the London, the Pradel or the Aveyronnais.
The factory, then located on the mountains side in Thiers, overhanging the Rouets Valley, also made knives for work like pruning knife or grafting knife.
The little workshop, situated at the heart of France in Granetias has been developed over the years while refining its know-how.
Around the 1960s, the hand-crafted manufacturing of Laguiole knife had almost disappeared: at this time, no more Laguiole were made in the town bearing the same name in Aveyron. Hence, M. Genès David started to boost the hand-crafted fabrication in Thiers town. In the wake of this, M. Jean-Louis David, having inherited his father, considerably developed Laguiole knives production. The Laguiole range offered by the manufacture blossomed. Since then, a large variation has been created around Laguiole original shapes. The factory has become the most popular reference of hand-crafted Laguiole knife.

Tradition and creation
Today, Laguiole Arbalète Genès David factory continues the excellence of the hand-crafted and traditional fabrication of cutlery makers from France. While carrying on the manufacturing of models that have made its reputation, Arbalète G. David bets on the future.

Sculpture of a buffalo horn handle

A unique know-how
Every steps of the fabrication are made in our workshops. This of Saint-Rémy-sur-Durolle is established in a pinewood at the heart of the mountains: these unique surroundings show our will to perpetuate the yesteryear skill.
The manufacturing of a knife requires numerous work hours. It’s necessary to distinguish 2 phases: on one hand, the production of pieces from quality and authentic materials; on the other hand, the assembly of knives. In total, more than a hundred steps are required to make one Laguiole knife.
The blades are cut in a Swedish upmarket stainless 12C27 steel. This stable alloy is well-known for its resistance. Arbalète G. David still produces carbon steel blades like in the past, for amateurs of traditional knives. This steel gives to the blade an incredible cutting edge.

Companions’ traditional wooden box from the factory
Arbalète Genès David factory today.

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