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Here, we display some of the recognition and awards, received these last few years by Laguiole Arbalète Genès David.



The factory is the only French company certified for Laguiole knife manufacturing. The label “Origin France Guaranteed” has been created on French government request, by the association Pro France. Designated after a strict audit carried out by Veritas certification body, it offers to consumers a larger transparency about the origin of the product they buy.

Origin France Guaranteed is a label which is easy to obtain: 2 criteria are compulsory:

This label allows companies to promote the “made in France” and consumers to buy something French. Every brands which have obtained this prestigious label are listed on the website

Getting this prestigious label, standard of French quality awards a company which output is remarkable in every way.

  « ARBALETE GENES DAVID cutlery factory labelled « Living Heritage Company » »

“Laguiole Arbalète Genès David”, certified “Living Heritage Company”
Recognition of 200 years of French skill to make Laguiole knife, the factory “Laguiole Arbalète Genès David” was certified by the State “Living Heritage Company”. This label was awarded by Mz Sylvia Pinel, Handicraft, Trade and Tourism Minister and Mz Fleur Pellerin, delegated Minister with the Minister of Industrial Renewal, in charge of SMEs, of Innovation and Digital Economy.

The “Living Heritage Company” is a recognition brand from the State, set up to honour French companies which have a hand-crafted know-how and manufacturers of excellence.

Given for 5 years, this label gathers manufacturers that attach importance to the high performance of their work and their products.

Created August 2, 2005 by the law in favour of SMEs (article 23), “Living Heritage Company” can “be awarded to all company which owns an economic heritage, having a particular and unusual know-how, famed or ancestral, based on the master of traditional techniques or on high technical nature and limited to a territory”.

A fiddly selection to spot talents:
The award processing of the label LHC is lead by experts. The assessment and the interpretation of these criterias of awarding are entrusted to an independent national Commission set up of professionals who work in favour of practices, guaranteeing excellence within their own area. The Higher Institute of Crafts (HIC) is in charge of secretary office of this National Commission of Living Heritage Companies, and the award directives of the label.

Examination of the application file by HIC, request of opinion to regional institutions and to competent consular establishments, writing appraisal report, visit of companies by domain specialists, examination by the National Commission and the final decision of the minister: the selection process of “Living Heritage Companies” is a guarantee of excellence.
A support to excellence knowledge:

This recognition brand by France state is also an operational support to the development of concerned companies.

More information about the label:

  Le VulcanienⓇ and Arbalète Genès David applauded during the Janus Industry in 2009

September 25, 2009 French Institute of Design awarded Janus 2009 prize to VulcanienⓇ. It’s in front of a jury composed of manufacturers and designers assembled for the occasion that Edouard-Pierre Morin and Michèle David introduced the VulcanienⓇ, which achieved great success, won unanimously all votes.
As a proof of this craze: the VulcanienⓇ was applauded by every members of the jury, a rare success – the last innovation cheered went back to 3 years !
It’s the only hand-crafted and unique society which represents Auvergne region to be awarded during the last session of Janus Industry in 2009. ARBALETE GENES DAVID launched several knives with unusual designs and materials as a part of its new luxury and design brand: SIGNATUREⓇ.

Arbalète creation: the VulcanienⓇ, certified during the Janus of Industry in 2009

  French Federation of Cutlery

ARBALETE GENES DAVID is a member and was elected to the executive office of French Federation of Cutlery (FFC).
The French Federation of Cutlery is a professional institution which has been gathering 130 members since 1999. These latters are companies from cutlery industry in every sense: manufacturers, suppliers, subcontractors, retailers, craftsmen…

This federation was born with the merger of The National Trade Union Chamber of Handicrafts of Cutlery and Related Activities and the Federation of French Cutlery, that gave its final name.

Today, it has a status of an association 1901 law.

The French Federation of Cutlery has 3 main missions.

Representativeness and defense of the craft
The federation aims at becoming the inevitable reference organization of cutlery work. Thus, they want to represent the entire industry at a national and international scale.
For this, the federation is involved in proposing legal solutions to fight against massive importations for example, or to defend in a court if it concerns the sector’s interests.

The federation has the mission to participate actively in working groups, commissions and other normative bodies so as to be the origin of laws related to cutlery.

Here, the objective is to make Thiers famous, like its products, but also the whole of French cutlery manufacture. That’s why the federation manages this website, portal of French cutlery.
This extremely extensive website has to be supported by communication actions.

The federation also considers several actions aiming at creating franchises to facilitate retailers’ work and to reassure consumers: information, assistance, help to members.
This 3rd mission intends to perpetuate French cutlery industry and to prepare job’s future.
Indeed, the federation has to plan several professional training or diverse technical formats. It has to keep informed its member of the different legislations in effect and their evolutions.
Obviously, missions that the French Federation of Cutlery takes care of, come within the scope of a logical of complementarity regarding consular institutions.

Fraternity of Thiers’ knife

ARBALETE GENES DAVID is a member of the Fraternity of Thiers’ knife. Thiers, French capital of cutlery and its 7 centuries of cutlery industry’s history adopted a Fraternity in order to unite manufacturers from Thiers who are, hence, 100% from France. Cutlery manufacturing around Thiers is the biggest in France.

In 1994, the fraternity wanted to unite under one and unique institution art cutlery makers and cutlery manufacturers from Thiers.
The fraternity’s name was composed of two essential ideas: “knife” and “Thiers”. To fix firmly this process on traditional and local level (Auvergne region), this term was translated to local dialect.
Only one knife could be the symbol and the ambassador of a brand new traditional cutlery from Thiers: born during a common reflexion of the profession, “Le ThiersⓇ” bears the name of its city.
This outstanding knife reflects the ancestral know-how of a long cutlery tradition.
Its production (and it’s a new thing in this field) is submitted to guild-mastership which looks like that of 1582. It controlled Thiers’ cutlery industry for three centuries.
Some Visitors Masters were authorized to keep a close eye on the respect of this guild-mastership for each step of the knife manufacturing. Thus, “Le ThiersⓇ” is a quality guarantee: this brand is once for all stamped in the Tables of Marks and Reference Numbers for the generation yet to come. The fraternity is a promotion tool of this knife and its region. It gathers knife amateurs from different geographical and socio-professional backgrounds, united by a fraternity.

Thiers’ Fraternity Knife
1 rue Durolle – BP 10263301 Thiers Cedex
Phone/fax: 0473803943

  The LaguiumⓇ, lauréat of the Janus of Industry 2010

Once again, Arbalète Genès David society proved that it was a fashion brand. After the VulcanienⓇ, awarded during the Janus of Industry 2009, it’s the turn of LaguiumⓇ to receive this excellence label in 2010.

Anne-Marie Sargueil, Janus of Industry chairwoman explained why the jury chose to award once again Arbalète Gènes David society, and more specifically LaguiumⓇ: The LaguiumⓇ and Arbalète Gènes David company answered several essential criteria to get this label. On one hand, the jury highly appreciated the innovation spirit of the company which endeavours itself to defend a local knowledge. On the other hand, LaguiumⓇ creation, inspired of laguiole with purified style and recognizable, completely charmed the jury members. At least, the product, despite its upmarket positioning, has an attractive price. The jury is proud of awarding once again Arbalète Gènes David society because they proved with the VulcanienⓇ and now with the LaguiumⓇ that they’re resolutely focused on the future, while valuing a traditional know-how, aged of a hundred years.


  Arbalète Genès David has subscribed since 2010 to “the road of trade”. This label was created to follow the path recounting the knowledge of Forez companies. It’s a “living” road: in other words, you’ll meet people with whom you can talk, while discovering the products, the work and the atmosphere of the workshops.

Arbalète Genès David opens its doors all year long on request.