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Identifying a hand-crafted Laguiole knife made in France.

How can you identify a hand-crafted Laguiole made in France ?

– The blade of Laguiole knives of traditional production has to be stamped of the manufacturer’s logo. All of our blades are stamped by l’ARBALETEⓇ emblem. Be careful: a logo or a name associated to “Laguiole” doesn’t make a difference whether it’s an industrial Laguiole or one made by hand.

– To guarantee its origin, the name “France” has to appear on the blade’s heel . Our blades are stamped on the heels “G.DAVIDⓇ France”. However, the country of origin doesn’t guarantee a “made in traditional way” production of your blade, that is to say by hand.

– A blade with the inscription “Laguiole” only can let someone thinks that this item is imported. – The price is an essential indicator: it’s normal that knife’s price made in France and made by a specialist with high-quality raw materials couldn’t be sell under 50 euros and can reach 100 euros. Indeed, time spent to make a Laguiole by a craftsman cutlery maker is, at least, of one hour.

– The association of words type “craftsmanship”, or “tradition” doesn’t guarantee you the quality and the manufacturer’s history. In fact, some companies emphasis on “authenticity”, or their tradition “from father to son” has actually been existing since 20 years only.

– The steels to made French manufacture are steels said “alimentary”, in other words, they’re composed of 13% minimum of chrome. A steel from an imported product doesn’t guarantee the consumer that steels used are “alimentary”, hence it can imply sanitary risks linked to daily use.

– Think to get information on the size of the manufacture: a limited manpower can indicate the origin veracity. As an example, ARBALETE GENES DAVIDⓇ has a team of 20 people.