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Starred chef François Gagnaire, sponsor of “L ARBALETE”Ⓡ knife

François Gagnaire

François Gagnaire, starred chef, is now the sponsor of L’ARBALETE table knife created and made by Laguiole Arbalete Genès David factory. The meeting between the Chef and Laguiole Arbalète Genès David factory was obvious. Indeed, each one are ambassadors of the same values and the same land. All his training long, François Gagnaire won’t stop to assist the most talented chefs like Alain Chapel “a very, very talented chef and a man who has a big heart, deceased too early”, Pierre Gagnaire, “certainly the greatest artist of contemporary cooking, with an extreme sensibility” with whom he worked at his three houses. And others like Guy Lassausaie, Philippe Chavent…
In 2001, François Gagnaire opened a restaurant in his native town. He was awarded of a star by Michelin Guide in 2006, and won the National Medal of Merit in 2009.
François Gagnaire is a chef for whom, will and rigor are very important with a demanding passion for the quality of products he uses.
Today, François Gagnaire accepts to sponsor “L’ARBALETE” table knife because this novative table knife’s characteristics (product of high quality, 100% handmade in Thiers) and the values it conveys (local produce, local craftsmanship) represent himself.

Thus, François Gagnaire is going to write a new chapter to his culinary story for a future Parisian restaurant.

Product: L’ARBALETE table knife, exclusivity from Arbalète Genès David cutlery

L'ARBALETEThis knife is characterized by timeless curves, the blade has an extra-thin cutting edge developped in collaboration with select restaurant’s chefs. Original design, with the shape of its handle and its conception of L’ARBALETE table knife remains stable on the table.

A razor cutting edge, obviousness but also a necessity

In technical terms, grinding (cutlery technique to design blade’s cutting edge) is made with fineness in order to obtain a razor cutting: an obviousness and a necessity for gourmet restaurants.

Unique design thanks its conception L’ARBALETE remains stable on the table

L’ARBALETE 6 table knives are offered in a novative box for tableware and hand-crafted cutlery, similar to Grand Cru box. L’ARBALETE table knife is 100% hand-crafted in France.

Where can you buy L’ARBALETE table knives ?

This knife is commercialized in every beautiful cutleries in France. You can also order the box of L’ARBALETE 6 table knives on the factory website.
Public price for L’ARBALETE box of 6 table knives: $300 incl. taxes.

Laguiole Arbalète Genès David: the oldest factory of French Laguiole hand-crafted cutlery

Laguiole Arbalète Genès David is a manufacture of cutlery founded in 1810 in France whose speciality is the handmade production of Laguiole and Le Thiers knives.
Our craftsmen sculpt, assemble, adjust and polish the knives in the greatest tradition of Laguiole knife.

This unique and exceptional know-how has been awarded. Arbalète G. David factory was labelled “Living Heritage Companies” in 2013.
We’re also certified “France Origin Guaranteed”.
Arbalète G. David cutlery has been famous thanks to Laguiole knife which became the reference among knives. However, we also have more design and innovative collections. The factory was awarded twice by the Janus of Industry Prize, given by French Design Institute (in 2009 and 2010) for its innovative designs.