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Maintenance, fixing and guarantee

Made in the traditional way, Arbalète G. David knives are unique products: each knife of our factory is handmade, in our workshops, by our cutlery masters. The handle’s materials (wood, horn, bone…) are subject to shades of hues, of grains, with variations during the shaping: each knife is a little bit different from its photo in the catalog. It’s the proof that it’s a handmade production with natural and authentic materials !

Hand-crafted creation with noble materials, a Arbalète G. David knife requires a conscientious maintenance in order to remain a faithful companion for life !

I- Knife maintenance

The maintenance of your Laguiole blade

The maintenance of the cutting edge requires the use of adapted tools depending on the type of steel of your Laguiole. These blades are either made in carbon steel or in stainless 12C27 steel (Swedish Sandvik stainless steel).

Grinding (also called cutting in cutlery vocabulary) can be made with a gun or with a whetstone. online store See online

Sharpening your blade:

Helped by a whetstone, you will do several passages of your blade with an angle between 20° and 25°.

The required stones to maintain your blade are available on our store online: our store online.

It’s necessary to make these operations on the whole along the cutting edge, going from the blade’s heel up to the blade’s tip. You can perfect your sharpening, passing your blade several times on leather.

Maintenance of your carbon steel blade

Carbon steel blades are traditional blades of folding and Laguiole knives.

A carbon steel blade has the distinctive feature to keep its shape over time comparing to a steel 12C27 blade.

On the contrary, carbon steel blades have some maintenance constraints. They tend to oxidize over time: the blade is going to blacken, which is normal. For instance, when you cut an apple or a pear with a carbon steel blade, it’s going to blacken a little bit by chemicals reaction. The best advice of maintenance that we can provide you is to grease the blade with flax oil. A carbon steel blade has to be grease permanently: hence you’ll avoid oxidation.

The maintenance of your knife’s mechanism

It’s recommended to grease regularly your knife’s notch with a drop of oil. You can do the same for the 2 and 3-pieces corkscrew knives and put a drop of oil on each notch to guarantee a proper functioning over time. In that way, you also avoid blades and springs to become damaged while rubbing.

Cleaning up your knife

To clean up your knife, you can use a moist towel, or wash it under water on condition to dry it immediately with a dish towel. You must let it dry after being under water: knives with resin, wood or horn handles have to never be in contact with water for a long time. Letting your knife dry several times without wiping it, the horn or the wood handle is going to inflate and will explode.

For an in-depth maintenance, you knife’s handle can be cleaned up with turpentine oil. The wood handles can be maintained with oil flax. The stainless steel cleaning can be done with a classical “Miror Argentil” product and the brass bolsters (which can be oxidize a little bit over time) with “Miror Cuivre” product.
The oxidized parts of steel can be cleaned up with an adapted deoxidiser unless the solution isn’t in contact with the handle or bolsters and to use a non-aggressive applicator (cotton, wool of steel n°000).

Note: Arbalète G. David knives’ handle are never varnished, waxed or treated: they’re either mat or lustrated by polishing. It’s a considerable difference with other non-traditional competitors on which varnished works when it’s new but doesn’t last very long and will be hard to maintain.

Preserving your knife

We recommended you to preserve your knife in an adjusted leather sheath or wooden box available on our online store on our online store. Wood is a living material: as the horn, it has to be maintained carefully in an environment neither too hot, nor too cold. Mat woods (olive tree, juniper) are going to brighten over time and will become even more beautiful !

At least, the preservation of your knife mustn’t be in contact with water or in a moist environment.

II- Guarantee and fixing

Knives and tableware of Arbalète G. David factory are guaranteed against all production defects only. Only mechanic pieces and wear are guaranteed (blade and spring) and wear of these pieces aren’t part of the guarantee. This latter only apply to use of the product, the preservation and the normal maintenance of our products.

Likewise, this guarantee is only in effect if recommendations of use, preservation and maintenance indicated by the factory have been respected.

For instance, a knife is neither a lever, nor a screwdriver.

Arbalète G. David factory makes sure of the follow-up of its products. For repairs that aren’t part of the guarantee, the factory gives to the client a quotation and ask for his agreement before doing any fixing.

Arbalète G. David factory can’t be involved in a quotation except if the returned items and can’t give a quotation on photo or description. The delivery for fixing is the client responsibility. The factory can’t commit itself on any deadlines for fixing. The usual delay is around 6 to 8 weeks minimum.

Thanks to contact us before for any request of repairing. Contact form Contact form

Regarding fixing and restoration of Gumel Bargeon’s knives brand: the Arbalète G. David factory cannot make repairs on every items of this old brand. Indeed, the Gimel Bargeon knives’ production was stopped in 1985 and Arbalète G. David hasn’t in stock the special supplies. Thanks to consult us about the feasibility of the requested fixing.

Folding knives guarantee

The blade: in case of a flaw on the steel, the blade is taken care by the factory.

When a blade diminished in width and/or length after being sharpen several times over time, the change of the blade can be done by the manufacture. This kind of repair linked to the wear isn’t covered by the guarantee and will be the customer responsibility.

The spring: in case of a broken spring or a welded bee which breaks with the spring, fixing are in the guarantee.

The handles: The handles aren’t mechanic pieces and aren’t taken into account in the guarantee. As a result, fixing of the handles are taken care by the customer.
Tableware guarantee: dinner knives, place settings and sets
Dinner knives, place settings, sets are guaranteed for 2 years against every flaws of production only. This guarantee is only for wear pieces.

Tang: is the metallic part of a dinner knife which constitutes the blade and stretches to the handle ends.

In case of a flaw on the steel, the blade is taken care by the factory during 2-years-guarantee.

When a blade diminished in width and/or length after being sharpen several times over time, the change of the blade can be done by the manufacture. This kind of repair linked to the wear isn’t covered by the guarantee and will be the customer responsibility.

The bee: If the bee breaks with the knife or fork, this is taken care by the factory during the 2-years-guarantee.

The handles: aren’t covered in the guarantee because they aren’t wearing part. Therefore, fxiing the blades are taken care by the customers.

Knives, cutlery and sets from Arbalète G. David manufacture mustn’t be washed in the dishwasher.
Every knife (folding, table, cooking knives), cutlery and sets made in acrylic or other resin, such as horn, bone or wood mustn’t be washed in a dishwasher. This would highly damaged the handles, rivets, blades, bees, bolsters, mechanisms etc.

None guarantee will be done in case of dishwasher use and any repairs done because of this kind of damages will be billed to the customer.

Knives, cutlery, and sets mustn’t be in contact with water for a long time (more than 2 or 3 seconds maximum). In this way, the hand-wash has to be immediately followed by a complete dry with a dry dish towel.

None guarantee will be applied in case of damages made by water during the use, the preservation or washing of our products.

Only Monobloc table knives all made in stainless steel can be washed in the dishwasher.