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Cutlery art by Arbalète Genès David

We created within our company cutlery art and collector’s.

Our best worker develops each year a unique collection of knives “unique pieces” and has already competed in the international fair of Coutellia’s cutlery art at Thiers.

These remarkable pieces are extraordinary and are singled out of different ways. Knives art Arbalète Genès David are standing out by their unusual design. By the way their handles have been shaped (for instance, with two-material handles, or even three-material), by the fineness of extra-neat carving and by exceptional blades. As an example, admire the knife blade of Laguiole 7,09 inches having competed during Coutellia fair in 2014.


This extraordinary knife has a handmade forged Damascus blade of 7,09 inches. This blade was forged by the Montézic Forge at the heart of France. This exceptional knife has a bee in Damascus, with a camel bone handle and turquoise stone. The handle has a turquoise bolster. This outstanding and unrivaled knife requires several days of work. It costs 10 000 euros TTC ( $10868.40 all taxes included).

The production and the creation of this cutlery art requires dexterity and a perfect master of hand-crafted cutlery. Besides, each piece requires several hours, nay several days of work.

Each unique piece is then dated and numbered on the “blade’s heel”. Our best worker shapes his initial letters: the cutlery art of Arbalète Genès David are signed by their cutlery makers.

These knives will please the most demanding collectors. If you’re a part of them, and you want to make a product “made to measure”, feel free to contact us and we’ll give you an offer.

Here is the link to navigate on our online official store in which a tab has been dedicated to our cutlery and extraordinary art: