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Le Thiers

“Le Thiers” knife is a model and a registered brand at National Patent Office by Thiers’ knife fraternity in July 1994.

Thiers’ knife fraternity (also called “Couté de Tié” in regional dialect) is a merging of French cutlery companies from the geographical bassin of Thiers only. They aim at federating and promoting 100% French production and quality.

Le Thiers is the exclusive property of the Fraternity which grants the use for its members.

Cutlery makers from Thiers had two goals when they developped “Le Thiers” in 1994. First, to thwart the supremacy of Laguiole knife. Secondly, through the new “Le Thiers” knife, the purpose was to not imitate what happened to Laguiole knife: as it happens, the type of knife “Le Thiers” was registered to National Patent Office when they launched it, in 1995 for its brand as well as the product.

Likewise, a cutlery maker has to yield to many strict rules to produce, linked to the manufacture’s quality and of course, to the geographical origin of its production. Indeed, a knife stamped “Le Thiers” has to be made in its entirety in Thiers’ Bassin. Moreover the cutlery manufacturer has to be a Fraternity’s member.

The Arbalète G.David workshop created “Le Thiers” knife in 1995.

Every rules regarding the products’ quality and origin are written in the Jurande’s rules. The Jurande is a system which has been existing since the old order. It’s a merging of autonomous professionals with a strict collective rigor, composed of equal members united by an oath.

As a consequence, each cutlery maker wishing to develop a manufacture of “Le Thiers” knife has to respect the Jurande’s rules. Otherwise, they can be excluded and the right of producing this knife can be withdrawn.

The respect of the rules and status of the Jurande is controlled by the Jurande Council. Likewise, before making and then commercializing a new product “Le Thiers”, the cutlery maker has to get a production approval and marketing after the Jurande Council ruled on and approved the product.

Below, you’ll find the 6 main points which are recorded in the 4th Jurande (the first one was written in 1582):

1- The cutlery maker will have to justify of five-year-experience.

2- The design or the protocol registered by the candidate will have to receive the approval of the Fraternity by Jurande Council ruling.

3- Each member of the Jurande will have to engrave its own mark on the tables of engraving and the reference number given by the Fraternity.

4- To be able to make and commercialize “Le Thiers” knife, the cutlery maker has to include the brand “Le Thiers” knife and the hallmark “T.”.« T. »

5- In no way at all, the cutlery maker will be able to make or making someone makes produce relating to someone else outside of Thiers Bassin.

6- The cutlery manufacturer will have to make “Le Thiers” knife, and in all of its components, from materials recognized of quality by the entire Fraternity.