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The authentic Laguiole knife by Laguiole Arbalète Genès David: the model of French hand-crafted Laguiole cutlery.

Welcome on the official website of Laguiole Arbalète G. David brand, factory of cutlery since 1810 and French designer of Laguiole knives.

Arbalète brand has been officially a trademark in 1810 in Auvergne, at the heart of France. Created in 1922, taking over Arbalète brand, Arbalète Genès David cutlery is one of the oldest French factories still in activity.

Since more than two centuries, Arbalète has been the oldest factory to perpetuate a hand-crafted manufacture of Laguiole French knife in France. Arbalète brand is now part of French heritage.

Regarding Laguiole knives or other knives collections, Arbalète Genès David is above all a French and unique know-how, aged of more than two hundred years. When Arbalète was first trademarked, Napoleon Ist was ruling over France…

Our cutlery manufacturers sculpt, join, adjust and polish the knives in the greatest craftsmanship tradition of Laguiole knife.

This unique and outstanding skill has been awarded in 2013 by the “Living Heritage” label. This designation certifies that the factory masters unusual and ancient know-how, still used nowadays for the daily manufacture engraved “Arbalète Genès David”.

L’Arbalète is also certified “Made in France guaranteed”. This label issued by Bureau Veritas assures that the factory produces in France within its only workshop.

Arbalète G. David cutlery has gained its reputation thanks to Laguiole knife which became the brand’s symbol. However, the company doesn’t only distinguish itself through its ranges of Laguiole knives. The factory also develops its traditional collections and others, more design and innovative. Arbalète (armed with its secular know-how) makes its own items. It’s the biggest asset of this cutlery, which today blends the mastery of ancestral know-how of hand-crafted cutlery with an innovative spirit and avant-garde. More than 900 references are offered.

“Signature Arbalète” collection emerged in 2009. It’s characterized by innovative designs. The Laguium and Vulcanien knives are the symbols of this collection. These creations have been awarded in 2009 and 2010 by the Janus of Industry issued by French Design Institute.

Then, in 2014, the factory developed a new range of stylish table knives, called “Arbalète”. This knife with modern shapes and its incomparable cutting edge will also please well-known restaurant owners and epicureans.

The “1810 Collection” has been created to highlight collector’s knives, unique pieces, and Art knives. All the knowledge of Arbalète Genès David cutlery makers is put into service to this latter. As a part of its “1810 Collection”, the cutlery can make the knife of your dreams according to your bill of specifications, made to measure !

In Arbalète Genès David traditional range, we offer the Laguiole range, declined in several collections: original Laguiole knife (with a welded bee), Laguiole Pestige knife (forged knives), Laguiole tableware (cutlery sets, Laguiole knives, tableware wooden box, Laguiole forks, Laguiole spoons, Laguiole table sets), Laguiole sommeliers and Laguiole champagne sabre.The factory is located at the heart of France, in Thiers, French capital of cutlery since two centuries. This company also sells a wide range of Thiers’ knives: Thiers Original, Thiers Prestige and Thiers tableware.

The cutlery distinguishes itself by its unique collection of Nature et Loisirs knives. The emblematic product of this range is the Laguiole Grande Nature: a knife with a lock-back switchblade on the back of the handle. The Nature and Loisirs collection has some uncommon styles like the Laguiole Randonneur, the Laguiole Cavalier or the Laguiole key-chain. At least, Arbalète makes a wide range of French regional knives as Pradel knives, the Aurillac one, the Roquefort, the Alpin, the Capucin, the Aveyronnais, the Pastoureau or the Vendetta.

Over time, this ancestral know-how and this French manufacturer have formed the reputation of the brand.

Be careful with fakes: a Laguiole David knife can only be Laguiole Arbalète. Require Arbalète on your blade ! Likewise, Laguiole’s name doesn’t mean anything as this name is in the public domain and can be made everywhere, legally. Thanks to its knowledge, Laguiole Arbalète Genès David knives have acquired, since centuries, its letters of nobility in the cutlery world. Its philosophy makes it part of the international elite. The brand wants to carry loud and clear the standards of its prestigious past to be involved in modernity. Laguiole G. David Arbalète invites you to discover its universe of authentic pleasure, far from fakes and imports of all of sorts, and of all origins.

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