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The beginning of the project and the concept of the product: LAGUIOLE ARBALETE GENES DAVID manufacture creates and dispatches L’ARBALETE table knife.

From a simple observation, ARBALETE GENES DAVID management team has decided to develop this new creation with cutlery masters from Thiers (at the heart of France). Pierre-Edouard MORIN, factory manager introduce us the process of conception, development and commercialization:

“In French hand-crafted production tableware market, upscale of cutlery, Laguiole and Le Thiers knives are sharing the major part of this market. However, Laguiole and Le Thiers knives aren’t specific to Arbalete as they’re produced by numerous competitors*. Stores and by the same token customers are blasé because they always see the same products.
There was a real demand on the market because once again, manufacturers are stuck into traditional products whose final clients, consumers, can be blasé.
Simultaneously, our doubling secular brand has forged the reputation with handmade Laguiole knife production, which became a model without developing a product bearing the same of our illustrious brand “L’ARBALETE”.
I also observe that gourmet or starred restaurants were always fitted the same way. We became closer to famous chefs in order to draw precise sepcifications up.
Design and conception of the item were given to workshop chefs of the company, M. DESCOMBAS and M. ROBIN, from specifications established with famous chefs.
With “L’ARBALETE” table knife, we’re developing a range peculiar to our company, that we can find at our factory and which bears the famous name of our brand.
Even the packaging is really innovative regarding standards of the profession. Observing the packaging, a client thinks at first sight that it’s a Grand Cru. A Grand Cru yes, but a cutlery Grand Cru.
Result: we’ve been selling since 2014 “L’ARBALETE” table knives box, quality-superior, developed according to criteria of upscale catering at your customers: cutlery, tableware stores, gift and decoration stores: the business success is here.
Restaurants have already come forward: Parisians restaurants, New Yorkers, inhabitants from Brussels, and Dubaï are already fitted with “L’ARBALETE” knives and we plan to do more. Likewise, since the end of 2014, there’re more than 100 stores in France which offer this new collection.”

“Commercialized by 2014, “L’ARBALETE” new table knife generated the equivalence of a month of work approximately.”


Ergonomics is an essential criterion which has been respected. “A razor cutting edge, an obviousness but also a necessity”. A little nod to ARBALETE brand, the blade’s tip subjectively represents the tip of the arrow of ARBALETE.

Laguiole Arbalète Genès David factory
Our brand knew an exponential growth in the 80’s and 90’s thanks to Jean-Louis DAVID who rekindled the production of Laguiole knife with collaborators.

In the end, ARBALETE GENES DAVID factory won the “Crush Prize” during the Marketing Night in 2011, organized by an association of marketing professionals.

- Thickness of the blade:
- Stainless 12C27 steel
- Razor cutting edge
- 2 hues black and white, special dishwasher
- 2 versions with Olive and Ebony wood


*Laguiole knife is now in public domain and can be made in the entire world bearing Laguiole name on the blade legally. Le Thiers knife is made by several factories from Thiers. Le Thiers knife production is managed by a Jurande and only makers from Thiers surroundings can make Le Thiers knife.