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Traditional and hand-crafted fitting and assembly of your knife are made by hand, by only one person. On the contrary, steps of an industrial knife are repeated on an assembly-line or by a machine.

Each piece is unique since it’s made by the hand of our craftsman.

As a case in point, a “3 pieces” Laguiole (blade, hallmark, corkscrew) requires 186 stages.
Platinum and springs are drilled by hand with delicacy.

For the sake of obtaining a precise fitting for each knife, our specialists prepare the platinum and spring with a file and a grindstone.

For an item with forged spring, our person who decorates puts all his knowledge for the fitting with the file, the blade, the spring and the bee, making a unique work. The blade’s back is decorated either by reel, or by file.

The handles are chosen for their quality and their aesthetics are fitted, drilled and adjusted. Our cutlery manufacturer will make fitting and nailing with high precision. Thus, your Arbalète Genès David’s knife is assembled in the old-fashioned style with rivets and not with industrial screws.

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